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A visit to Ekman Car & Boat in Sweden

They have a lot of regular Saab customers and among their large customer base, they are well known for taking good care of both their customers and their beloved cars.

The last car to leave the old Saab factory

A Saab in mint condition. The last Saab that leaves the factory at Stallbacka industrial area in Trollhättan, Sweden under the NEVS ownership.

9-3 Viggen Restoration

This is a post by our guest blogger in the UK, Jon Latham, who shares his story about his 9-3 Viggen restoration project. Enjoy!

Saab Festival 2019

I arrive in Trollhättan, Sweden early on Thursday morning to set everything up. There’s a lot to be done, from putting up visitor tents to getting all the Saab Original parts ready for selling…

Welcome to the new SaabParts.com

We are super excited to launch the new SaabParts.com…

How Saab Saved My Life

This real-life story comes from the roads of Rhode Island in the US…

Saab Workshop in Sweden Restores Saab’s

It was a special car that I drove 5 hours to see though. A car that has previously been called the world’s most expensive Saab…

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