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It is only our authorised Parts and Service Centres who can offer Saab-authorised expertise, Saab Original Parts and Saab Original Service. Their Saab-trained personnel will make sure that your Saab remains 100% Saab.

Our history

In 1947 Svenska Aeroplan AB (Saab) presented the “Original Saab” – the Saab 92. Since then, one classic model after another have left the factory at Trollhättan. That means that while there are no new Saab cars being produced, the legacy lives on with Saab Original.

Behind the Saab Original brand is Orio AB – formally Saab Automobile Parts, with roots going back into the Saab history for over 70 years. Our long history with Saab has given us unique experience and technical expertise. We are a modern, global spare parts and logistics company, that markets, sells and distributes Saab Original parts in over 60 countries all over the world.

Saab Original

The unique design and uncompromising approach to innovation have made Saab cars an international symbol for people who like to be individual. A unique car for unique people. That’s what has made Saab cars one of Sweden’s strongest global brands.

And even though the car is no longer made, there are still one million Saabs on the roads all over the world. These all require service, maintenance and spare parts. And we are the only ones who can offer Saab-authorised expertise, Saab Original Parts and Saab Original Service.

The Saab-trained personnel in our network will make sure that your Saab remains 100% Saab, with everything that implies in terms of safety, performance and driving pleasure. All the knowledge and passion for the Saab brand has been gathered under the Saab Original brand.

Scandinavian quality

Ever since the first model rolled out of our factory in 1949, Saab cars have reflected the company’s Scandinavian roots, an innovative approach and the inheritance of the aerospace industry. They were designed and developed for Nordic conditions – darkness, rain, ice and cold, or even an elk suddenly appearing on the road.

Saab’s origins in the aerospace industry can be seen in all the innovative solutions and maximum use of materials and resources. The unique Saab design has therefore always been advanced and full of the unexpected. That’s what has given Saab a unique and timeless aura. Saab is a different car. Built for tough conditions. And that’s why Saab cars still have such a high used value, and represent an excellent second-hand buy.

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