A Saab Service Center represents knowledge and passion.

Only our Saab Official Service Centers and Part Centers can offer Saab-authorized expertise, Original Saab Service, and Saab Original Parts which have a warranty of 3 years / 36,000 miles.  Make sure that your Saab remains 100% Saab by taking your car to Saab-trained technicians at a Saab Service Center.

Saab Service keeps your car the way it was built.

Having your Saab regularly serviced can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and by using a Saab Official Service Center you can be assured your Saab is in safe hands – Saab-trained technicians, the people who know your car the best. Through us you can easily find the right mechanic near you.

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Saab Original

The unique design and uncompromising approach to innovation have made Saab cars an international symbol for people who like to be an individual. A unique car for unique people. That’s what has made Saab cars one of Sweden’s strongest global brands.

And even though the car is no longer made, there are still one million Saabs on the roads all over the world. These all require service, maintenance and spare parts. And we are the only ones who can offer Saab-authorized expertise, Saab Original Parts and Original Saab Service.

The Saab-trained personnel in our network will make sure that your Saab remains 100% Saab, with everything that implies in terms of safety, performance and driving pleasure. All the knowledge and passion for the Saab brand has been gathered under the Saab Original brand.

The history of Saab Cars

In 1947 Svenska Aeroplan AB (Saab) presented the “Original Saab” – the Saab 92. Since then, one classic model after another have left the factory at Trollhättan. That means that while there are no new Saab cars being produced, the legacy lives on with Saab Original.