Simple Saab Car ownership

Everything about your Saab Car in one place. Log maintenance,  VIN decoder and see important information about your Saab when and where you need it.

Frequently asked questions about MySaabCar Online

Log maintenance of your Saab

MySaabCar Online includes a free, easy to use, vehicle maintenance log. Whether you serviced your car at a Saab Official Service Center or another mechanic near you, or did the work on your own, you can easily take notes in MySaabCar.

Monthly Email

Supply us with your email address in MySaabCar and you will receive a monthly email which includes upcoming events, photo galleries of events, parts now in stock, Saab tips and much more to stay connected to the Saab Community!

Know your car better

With MySaabCar Online you no longer need to dig through stacks of paper to find the information you need about your Saab car. You have it when and where you need it. Whether you need to know the VIN number or model year, you will find it it in MySaabCar Online.