Preserve your Saab and endangered animals. Take your Saab to one of our Saab Official Service Centers and we offer a lifetime parts and labor limited warranty on the Saab Original parts that are installed.

Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime parts and labor limited warranty on Saab Original Parts* installed during a service or repair carried out at one of our Saab Official Service Centers after September 19, 2017.

You can easily activate your lifetime parts and labor limited warranty by filling in the maintenance log in your MySaabCar Online account. Just add the receipt and the part number for the part you want to register when you are creating the log entry to activate the warranty and generate your Parts for Life certificate to show your involvement in the campaign.

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*Click here for details, exclusions, and full terms and conditions.

What is Parts for Life?

During more than 70 years in the automobile industry, Saab Automobile managed to produce an iconic lineup of cars. Simply because Saab as an automotive brand has ceased to exist doesn’t mean its story is over.

It still has a role to play, so do the caretakers and the champions of the Saab cars legacy. Because Saab cars on the road today are more important than ever, they are an endangered species.

Parts for Life is an initiative aimed at inspiring a positive global change by educating about the importance of conservation, preservation, and diversity, not only of cars but of all things we share on this planet.

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Life Stories

Experience some of the great Saab adventures, memories, and stories captured during the Parts for Life campaign.

Changing fate

The first of our life stories. Meet Bert and Catharina, the couple who traveled across the world with their Saab. A journey that started with difficult news, but transformed into a wonderful adventure.

A different perspective

In our second life story you get to meet Rich, Valarie and Leroy – the passionate motor head, the farm girl and the happiest dog in the world. Looking at the world from a different perspective can result in one of the most impressive Saab collections ever.

Embrace your passions

In the third episode of our life stories we met Dayna. Dayna is not your typical LA grandma. She has a unique passion for life and Saab cars.

Nordens Ark

In this, the fourth episode of our life stories, you meet the unique Djur & Skur preschool located inside Nordens Ark Animal Park in Sweden.