Annual Service

Book your annual service at an authorised Saab Service Centre.

from £279

Annual MOT

Book your annual MOT at an authorised Saab Service Centre.


Everyday Repairs

Listed below are common repairs every car needs at some point.

Brake Pads & discs

Replace your brake pads and discs.

From £90

Front or Rear Springs

Replace your front or rear springs.

From £249

New Alternator

Replace your old alternator with a new one.

From £395

New Sub-frame bushes

Powerflex improves your Saab’s balance.

From £245

Mechanical Repairs

See our available offers of mechanical repairs here below.

Replace Cambelt & water pump

Change cambelt + water pump and fully fitted.

From £379

New Flywheel & clutch

Replace your flywheel and clutch.

From £899

New direct ignition cassette & plugs

Get a new direct ignition cassette & plugs for your Saab.

From £310

Book XWD Rear Diff Service

Book a rear differential oil service for your Saab XWD.

From £295