Trust genuine; beware of imitations

Don’t compromise on quality. Saab Original won’t let you down.

The Direct Ignition cassette is a vital part to many Saabs. Visible on top of your 9-3 (98-03) and 9-5 (98-10) engine, this part houses the spark plugs and ensures the precise firing of each cylinder, day in, day out.

Unlike aftermarket alternatives, the Saab Original DI won’t cause secondary problems to arise over time, or the additional frustration and costs to fix.

And backed by our 3 year 24,000 mile parts warranty, Saab Original means you get peace of mind included.

✓ Saab Original DI Cassette has built-in durability

✓ Don’t risk alternatives that don’t last the distance

Make sure you ask for Saab Original.


* B235R spark plugs are extra. Available at participating service and parts centres.