Maintaining your XWD performance

As you would expect Saab’s XWD system is well engineered.

Developed with Haldex, the system is constantly assessing grip and power split, optimising deployment across axels and wheels.

However to maintain performance and longevity, the rear differential needs a change of gear oils, filter and gasket every 3 years.

To maintain you XWD’s grip on the road in all weathers, make sure you have a XWD rear differential oil service.

Models the service covers

9-3 XWD models (’08-’12)

9-3 X 2.0T (’09-’12)

9-3 XWD models (’10-’11)

Rear Diff oil service includes

✓ Rear Diff gasket & filter

✓ Diff clutch oil

✓ Differential oil