Annual Service

At a Saab Service Center, your car will be in good hands. Experienced Saab-trained mechanics work here, who know your car down to the last detail.

Fixed Price: £279

Annual MOT

Book your annual MOT at an authorised Saab Service Centre


Engine Coolant Change

Have a service technician replace your engine coolant.


A/C Check

Make sure that your AC is working correctly.


Brake Fluid Change

Have a service technician replace your brake fluid.


Combined Annual Service & MOT

Save some time by completing your annual service and MOT at the same time. Your car will be in safe the hands of experienced Saab-trained mechanics.

Prices from: £xxx

Other repairs or service

If you are in need of a repair or service that we don’t have a fixed price for you can still book a workshop visit. Just describe what you need help with in the booking request, and the workshop will get back to you with a qoute.