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Here you can find everything about the different Saab cars. During a span of over 70 years in the automobile industry Saab Automobile built up a legacy and an iconic lineup of cars that last still today.  Our aim here is to give you access to a complete catalogue with information about all the Saab models, from the Saab 9-5 to the Sonnett where it all started.

Saab 9-5 - Saab Parts UK

Saab 9-5

The Saab 9-5 was launched as a replacement to the Saab 9000 in 1998. It exists in two distinctly different versions, with the Saab 9-5 Generation 1 produced from 1998-2010 and Saab 9-5 Generation 2 from 2010-2012.



Saab 9-3 - the Saab Cars

Saab 9-3

The first generation of Saab 9-3 was launched for the 1998 model year. It was then replaced by a redesigned second generation of the 9-3 for the 2003 model year. In total 608,878 Saab 9-3 were produced.